How to create custom filter options

In our app, you can easily create the filter options by Vendor, Product type, Option values and Price. The data is generated from your product's attributes. However, what if you need to filter by custom criteria? The best way is to use Tag with a prefix. 

For example, if you sell sneakers and you need to filter by Theme (Fall, Spring, Winter, etc.) and Performance (Hiking, Running, Training, etc.), you could not create these data as option values like Color and Size. By tagging, you could do as below: 

Add tag to your products with a prefix

I choose the prefix theme and performance. 

You could add different values to one product (performance:Hiking and performance:Trekking) to match your requirements. After tagging all your products, you could create the corresponding filter option.

Create the filter option with tag and prefix

In the app page, you could select a filter and click on Add a filter option, then select Tag

Now, you could select Using prefix and enter the prefix. The text in the prefix field will be removed when displaying in the front store. For example, we could create a filter option for Theme (and do the same for Performance)
You can also select All values or Manual values and arrange them in your preferred orders.

After you do all the above steps, you will get the custom filter options like this:

We also support custom filtering by metafield, please contact for a quote.