Theme Setup FAQ

Why doesn't the product item look like my old theme’s item?

Our app detects what theme you are using when installing the filter. The app will install the specific version for you if your theme is in our library. Otherwise, the app will set up the default display version.

You could follow this guide to customize the display to match your theme’s styling and to add custom functionality (theme function like QuickView, wishlist or other apps' integration). We also support you to do this work with a customization fee. Please send an email to for more details.

I need to display a collection without the filter, how can I do that?

You can refer to this guide.

I don’t need the Vendor/Product type filter option. I need to filter by Material/Color/Size, etc., so what should I do?

Please refer to this guide to add/remove the filter options you need.

How to hide out-of-stock products? / How to switch to infinite loading style?

You can find these settings in the Setting page of our app (from the Menu).

How to translate the text “Refine by,” “Clear,” “Clear All,” “Apply”?

You can find the translation in your Theme’s translation page, where we've added a section called "Product Filter & Search."

How to create a custom filter option by tag?

You can find our guide in details here.

Our products do not have the Color option but we still want to filter by color, so how to do that?

You can use Tag to filter your products. You can find our detailed guide here.

Can the app display more than 70 products per page?

We don't allow more than 70 products per page as it's not good for the page performance nor the user experience (Shopify limits up to 50 products per page). You can switch to the Infinite loading pagination type from our setting page.

My theme does not have the swatch thumbnails, can you add it to our collection page and make it work with the filter?

Yes, you can refer to our answer in detail here.

Can you customize the filter to match my requirements?

Yes, please send your requirements to, and we will give you a quote.