How to merge values (light blue and dark blue to blue)?

If you have too many tags or too many variant options (Light Blue, Dark Blue, Ice Blue, etc.), the customers will be confused. For example the filter option below:

We can group some values into one value to reduce the options. Please follow these three steps to make it work correctly:

Step 1: Create the merged values option

- Go to Menu Settings

- Select tab Merged Values

- Add an option to merge value

- Select the type (product variant option, vendor, product type or tag)

- Add the current values and the value you would like to display

- Click OK when done

- Don't forget to click Save to save the settings you've just set

Step 2: Go back to the app Homepage and Sync the data again

This step is very important. You will not see your new value if the data is not synced to update the new settings.

Step 3: Edit the filter option to add the new value

If your filter option uses All values type, you don't need to modify anything. Otherwise, if your filter option uses the manual values, you need to add the new merged value to the manual values list:

That's it, you could preview the work to see your new data.

NOTICE: After adding the merged values, you need to force sync the data again.